Gold chain 是基于区块链的游戏金币管理平台

Gold chain is a blockchain-based game coin management platform.

Gold chain is a game token management platform based on blockchain technology. It is dedicated to providing each game and its participating users with an efficient, fast and convenient way to integrate decentralized platform services. For every game player participating in the platform service, we will give the same amount of Gold game coins. Players with tokens can use these Gold games to generate gold coins and use the products and services offered by all the games in the platform. As a means of reward or payment, and protected by technology and rules, Gold game coins allow users to participate in the dissemination, iteration and innovation of thegame.

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Gold chain is a game token based on blockchain. The aim is to become a universal token for the world's 2.6 billion gamers, supporting large and small game developers to further boost the $100 billion gaming industry and accelerate the widespread adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies as a better alternative to governments.
Provides a variety of game platform templates and functions, users can use the game platform online without programming and deployment. Based on the block chain technology, community information, user information and ecological economic rules are written into the block chain to promote the dissemination of ecological value.
The token incentive system reduces the operating cost of each community, enables the rapid prosperity of community construction, and finally realizes business returns through ecological consumption. Up to 30% of the ecological construction is used to log on major exchanges, access to major global game platforms, brand promotion, user promotion and other kinds of expansion.
As more users join the ecosystem, more rewards will be given to users through community participation. Each community's POA, revenue, users and other key data are recorded in the blockchain, which fairly distributes the benefits to each community.
  • Decentralized, trusted mechanisms

    Decentralization, when the content of the contract is satisfied, the code of the intelligent contract will be automatically started, and all the content of the contract will be unable to be modified, which ensures that the issuer cannot default and the event execution can be trusted.

  • Strong security consensus without the need for three-way involvement

    Since the behaviors will be recorded permanently, the interference of malicious behaviors on the normal execution of the contract can be largely avoided. A set of state machine system is built by the consensus algorithm built on the blockchain, which enables the intelligent contract to operate efficiently.

  • The transaction is open and transparent and cannot be tampered with

    The contract is written into the blockchain in a digital form. Due to the characteristics of the blockchain, data cannot be deleted or modified, but can only be added. The whole process is transparent and traceable, ensuring the traceability of history.

  • Distributed, stable, reliable and continuous

    Avoid the influence of centralization factor, improve the advantage of intelligent contract in cost efficiency, which can greatly reduce the labor cost caused by contract performance, adjudication and enforcement; Maintain execution stability and reliability;

Gold chain is secure and traceable

Crypto name scarce bidding

Permanent ownership of crypto assets

Virtual games cannot be tampered with

The game life cycle is getting shorter and the churn rate is getting higher and higher
Distribution channels are oligopolies and real traffic is scarce and expensive
Users pay for expensive games or equipment Players' virtual assets can disappear at any time
The proportion of game r&d CP is extremely low The promotion cost of game products is high

Why choose blockchain

Blockchain design is a protective measure that makes hybrid consistency possible. This makes blockchain suitable for recording events, titles, and other activities that require data to be included, identity management, transaction flow management, and provenation management.

The emergence of blockchain marks the transition of Internet from information exchange to value exchange

Virtual distributed structure, decentralized characteristics, high efficiency and low cost operation mode, multi-node consensus mechanism, distributed accounting and other new technologies will lead to the explosive growth of digital assets.
It is the global leader of blockchain games, reshaping the system structure of the game industry with the concept of decentralization, and building a multi-win-win decentralized industrial structure by solving the monopoly and channel disadvantages of the current game industry giants through the three consensus solutions of the GOLDCHAINS player community, the GOLDCHAINS consensus and the GOLDCHAINS mining.  

Goldchain Community

Goldchain Community is a decentralized gaming community that is the foundation of the entire Goldchain game ecosystem.

Goldchain Consensus

The establishment of the Goldchain consensus needs to initiate voting to all nodes to raise a certain number of Goldchain tokens. Decentralized Goldchain consensus makes the game easier on the go and will prevent third parties to dilute the value of the products.


Miming will bring token to the players, different from the traditional mining workload,Goldchain mining not only guarantee the entertainment essence of the game but also establishes a mechanism of the participation proof.

Remodeling player value

Goldchain allows players to invest, making decision, promote and consume, thus become the dominant force in the gaming industry.

Value R&D inputs

Goldchain offers an express channel to players for game developers. It effectively protect the brand copyright and increases the number of users and improves the quality of the product with large numbers of users join the community.

The embodiment of platform value

As a bridge between the user community and R&D team, the value of the Goldchain brand is to reshaping the gaming industry, where everyone can win in multiple ways trough decentralized technology.
Through Goldchain community, high quality game, multi-user Goldchain consensus mechanism and it’s cross-game, cross-regional, cross-chain, cross-platform features, will show the world a community that has deep interaction and binding between the games and players.
While player get rewards from the game, the consensus principles of the platform will protect players’ rights; Game developers can not only benefit from waiver of the intermediate cost but also access to a large number of high-quality users.

Thousands games in the world

Connect global players

Create world-class game community

What is the Gold?

Gold is the designated Token of Gold chain, GoldToken is the driving force of Gold chain system and the foundation of Gold chain community democracy.

GoldToken characteristics

According to the characteristics of the game industry and games, there is an urgent need for a new algorithm in line with the characteristics of the game industry to create a virtual currency suitable for the characteristics of the game industry, which we call "Gold".

Maily Members

Kevin Tran

Technical Director

Thao Tran

Director of Development

Indigo Glaze

Marketing Manager

Tanya Parus

Business Director

Steve(USA) Founder/CEO

Worked in Citibank financial department for more than 10 years, successively worked as Citibank financial asset trading researcher, head of personal financial asset business department, senior vice President. Rich experience in financial asset trading, digital currency research, ICO and brand building.

Kevin Tran Technical Director

Senior blockchain fundraising attorney. 10 years of business law experience. Since 2015, I have been working in Cointelegraph blockchain company, where I have in-depth research on the law compliance issues in Lost & Lastwill Regulations, blockchain and ICO.

Thao Tran Director of Development

The chief technologist at TopHacker. TopHacker is one of the largest blockchain technology platforms in China, connecting technical teams specializing in various fields with pressing issues in various industries. TopHacker has helped several blockchain teams solve problems such as core technology modules and product design, and has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence.

Indigo Glaze Marketing Manager

I started to engage in new retail business in 2013. I am one of the few people who have complete theories and practices of new retail business both on the platform and offline. He is proficient in e-commerce and online advertising, and used to be the senior executive of jd online new retail. He presided over the comprehensive work of online and offline entities, and realized complete digitalization and all-channel digital marketing business in the physical business.

Tanya Parus Business Director

Network software architecture engineer, blockchain/smart contract enterprise technology specialist. Once worked in BAT as the manager of IT project leader for more than 10 years, led a technology development team of 500 people, and possessed rich block chain and computer system technology.

Consultant Team

XiaoChen Zhang

Global Partnership

Richard Wang

Global Business Development

Jeremy Khoo

Block Chain Strategy

Ong Jun Hao

Market Strategy

Richard Wang Global Business Development

Master of computer, one of the earliest blockchain development experts in China, and the underlying architect of blockchain. Led the development of the first commercial public chain in China, compiled API, SDK and other related standard interfaces; Developed blockchain enterprise-level wallet, supply chain finance and other project construction; Domestic intelligent contract the earliest landing pioneer. Participated in the research and development of the internal blockchain landing project of China's first state-owned listed fortune global 500 company, mainly including enterprise welfare exchange project, b-end enterprise wallet and supply chain finance program. The main work and research direction is blockchain technology.

Jeremy Khoo Block Chain Strategy

Senior mobile product specialist, senior product experience of Internet financial products, the development and design of Jingtong digital money wallet, payment and trading platform, presided over the development and maintenance of more than 10 Internet financial products.

Ong Jun Hao Market Strategy

Shanghai jiaotong university EMBA, 10 years of international operation experience in financial products

Yanqing Huang GOLD chain Financial Investment Expert

10 years investment experience in top investment Banks, good at financial capital management and operation.
● Token Name: GOLD ● Token Standard: ERC20 ● Total Supply: 100B GOLD
● Fundation: 60% ● Presale:20% ● Team: 15% ● Others: 5%
Nov.15 2018 GMT+8-Nov.31 2018 GMT+8
Dec.1 2018 GMT+8-Dec.15 2018 GMT+8
Dec.16 2018 GMT+8-Dec.31 2018 GMT+8
1ETH=35000 GOLD
1ETH=32000 GOLD
1ETH=30000 GOLD
Funds Use
Reserve Fund 20%
Team 15%
Ecosystem 10%
Legal & Accounting 8%
Marketing 6%
Other 1%
Core development40%
Token Allocation
Team 20%
Ecosystem 10%
Counsellor 8%
Co-operater 7%
Other 15%
Buyer 40%
Q1.2018 project start 
Oct.2018 Developer beta on test network 
Q1.2019 Exchange listing 
Q1.2019 Smart announcement、smart contract、code audit、Public testnet beta 
Q4.2020 Main network online 
Q4.2021 Mobil app、satatus im integration 
June.2018 Technology research and development start work
Dec.2018 Public bug bounty for our betting smart
Q3.2019 Release concept validation implementation
Q2.2019 The experimental network released
Q2.2021 System start exchange
Q2.2022 The link and connection of ecosystem
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